Saturday, April 9, 2011

Raspberry Delight

No words can describe the intense taste sensation that raspberries give when their flavor is burst open.  I use the word "delight", but you'll have to see for yourself.   I could definitely become a "raw food" convert for good with this one.      

Photo by Aischa Ibnouzahir

 Makes 1-2 servings

Into food processor:

1/2 granny smith (or other) apple, unpeeled and deseeded
2 heaping T. shredded coconut (unsweetened)
1/4 cup walnuts (about 6-8 large whole nuts)

Pulse the above ingredients about 5-10 times until processed into small pieces. 

Then add:  

1/2 ripe banana
About 1/2 cup raspberries, or a big handful

Pulse until mixed in, but don't puree.  It only takes a few pulses to do the raspberries, so put them in last. And don't overdo it.  You only want to release the flavors of the raspberries at the end, that's the real secret here.  Then that's it -- it's finished.  Takes all of 2 minutes or so.

With a raw food like this, it's lovely to "plate" the mixture (as my friend Aischa did in her photo, above) by using some kind of food mold.  I just use a 1/4 measuring cup, press the mixture in, then turn it upside down onto a pretty plate or bowl. Add a garnish like mint leaves or a couple fresh raspberries if you can find the patience to not gobble it up immediately, like I do. 

Optional breakfast cereal: 

This dish also makes an excellent breakfast cereal, with just a few changes.  The banana is a bit sweet for me for breakfast, so I omit the banana, and add 1 heaping T. flax meal and maybe even 1-2 heaping T. raw oats at the first mixing with the nuts -- before adding the raspberries.  It's still quite delightful, even for breakfast!

Note:  All recipes on this website have been developed by me, unless otherwise noted.  I hope you'll share them with others too, but please acknowledge this blog when you do.  Thank you!

Adele Sonora
Nutrition and Health Educator

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